The Decision Model Tool consists of a set of worksheets (Microsoft Excel 2000 or later is needed to view the Decision Model Tool) that represent a decision model for selection of a Tuberculosis Patient Management software application. These instructions assume that you have analyzed the business needs of your jurisdiction in comparison to the Use Cases developed by the TB Patient Management Project. Since the Project focused on only "Core" requirements, it is likely that each individual site will have additions or modifications to the set represented here. It is also assumed that you have read through the associated Decision Guide and have chosen candidate applications to evaluate.

When preparing to evaluate a product, it is recommended that you use a group of evaluators, preferably representing users, management, and technical experts. Even if you cannot get representation from all the groups, you should use a group so that no one person's viewpoint is over-represented in the evaluation. No one associated with the production of a system should be allowed to assign final rankings.

For each criterion, verifiable evidence should be required to back up the ranking assigned - such as citation of a page of a user manual, validation from an installed user site, reference to a screen in the application. The best case is to have hands-on experience with each product.

Evaluate each application on the same basis - past, current, or future functionality. Since the evaluation represents a "point in time," it is important that each application be represented in an equivalent manner. If you choose to consider an application that is not yet available, based on written descriptions or requirements, note that in the credibility rankings and the comments section.

Although the Decision Model Tool includes categories for a number of factors, its results should not be the sole basis for a purchase decision. The many other items discussed in this Guide (i.e., Data Migration, Local Customization) may be equally important in selecting an application that will be successful in your jurisdiction. Also, this tool was not designed to do build/buy analysis. If the ultimate choice comes down to a build vs. buy question, you should consult one of the many available guides to this type of analysis.

Before downloading and using the Decision Model Tool, please refer to the following 1-2-3 Guide for basic instructions for getting started with the tool. More in-depth instructions are included within the Decision Model Tool for use as needed. Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better is recommended for use of the Decision Model Tool.

Download the Decision Model Tool. If you are unable to download the Decision Model Tool, please contact the NTCA for a CD version of this web site.

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